Arkport Planning Board Gets Huge Turnout

April 18, 2018

ARKPORT, NY – Arkport resident Margaret Horan has some property in Arkport, near the Arkport central athletic fields/storage units that she might want to sell.

Some Arkport residents say that Horan wants to sell to a developer who is interested in putting a Dollar General Store there. Over three dozen people came out last night to an Arkport Village Planning Board meeting, many of them voiced their objections to this idea.

Those who spoke said that a Dollar Store would hurt existing businesses, have a negative impact on local traffic, and several other environmental impact issues were raised.

Horan maintains there is nothing definite yet, she’s not sure if it’ll be a Dollar Store. She also says she’s getting taxed for that property, which she says is labeled commercial land, that’s in an actuality an agricultural district.

We’re told this is only in the preliminary phase of the discussions, and more specifics and details will emerge shortly. Eventually a Public Hearing will be forthcoming so the public can still be heard.