Buckley Responds To Errigo Indictments

October 15th, 2018

HORNELL, NY – Hornell Mayor John Buckley expressed his dissatisfaction with some of our local representatives Monday with the current indictment of Assemblymen Joe Errigo, who currently serves the 133rd district.

It all comes down to public trust,” said Buckley, “ I don’t know why people do what they do, and I can’t explain why New York State has a history of people breaking public trust, but it is deeply troubling when it affects Hornell. I don’t care what party you are from, when you are an elected official, you are here to serve the public’s best interests, and frankly it’s been troubling what’s been going on.”

Errigo, who is 80 years old, was charged with accepting a bribe to further a local development project in his district. He allegedly accepted $10,500 from an unnamed party according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Rochester. Errigo is due back in court on November 20th .