Budget Statement From Assemblywoman Byrnes

April 2, 2019

LIVINGSTON COUNTY, NY – Statement From Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes:

I have had some time to reflect on the State budget passed by the democrats. I did NOT vote for the budget. Calls have been coming in all day. The Dansville School District has lost soooo much money in State Aid. Huge cuts will have to be made to their school, hurting the kids. I am sure other schools will suffer also – even though the headlines claim schools are getting more money. Library Construction fund slashed. State AIM funding to our towns and villages gone – now counties have to try to cover the funding with money they get from Sales Tax. Another burden on our counties. Up to 3 prisons can close – will it be one of ours. New taxes and fees – .5 cents if you want a paper bag for groceries next year (no more plastic). And, buy on the Internet – internet Sales Tax. We have the DREAM Act to provide undocumented immigrants college financial assistance. I readily acknowledge that there are some good things in the budget too. But geeze. Spending is out of control. How much more can pay. 😢 Tomorrow, we will wake up, put on our boots and keep working to “Make New York the Empire State again.” Our home – land that we love.