City Awards Contract For Sewer Pipeline Revitalization

September 6th, 2018

HORNELL, NY – Hornell Mayor John Buckley officially awarded a bid Thursday morning to low bidder Kenyon Pipelines for the Sanitary Sewer Trunk Line Rehabilitation Project. Kenyan Pipelines, the lowest of 4 bids received on August 31st, is from Queensbury, NY and has done commendable work in Hornell in the past.

Buckleys statement, “We have found Kenyon’s work to be very satisfactory in the past, and also very satisfactory in professionalism, supervision, and contract submittals. We have discussed the project scope and the bid amount with Kenyon and can confirm that they understand the full intent of the project.”

The contract is for $407,942, which will come out of a $745,500 CDBG grant the city was awarded. “This works out really well for the city,” said the Mayor, “As it will leave roughly $300,000 for additional sewer lining throughout the city.”