Hornell Garbage Rates

June 18th, 2018

HORNELL, NY – Hornell Mayor John Buckley announced Monday night that city garbage rates will be going up effective immediately. Due to the fact that Lippincott’s Rubbish has been increasing their fee to the city 5% a year over a 3 year contract signed with the city, the city has been losing quite a bit of money recently on the service.

“I really don’t like to do this,” Buckley explained, “but our costs have been steadily increasing for garbage pick-up and we have not been budgeting for it. Last year we budgeted $310k and our cost ended up being $358k.”

The city plans on increasing the fee from $85 per unit per year to $95, or a $10 per year increase. With the increase, the city will be bringing in around $370k, which is right about what the estimated cost will be. “What it boils down to,” said the Mayor, “Is that your garbage bill will increase 19 cents a week, to $1.82. In Hornell our garbage fees are very reasonable compared to surrounding cities, with Elmira at $275, Olean at $134, and Corning’s fee $117.

Buckley also stressed the importance on recycling, which according to him is very important for our environment and landfills. “With a higher participation rate in recycling, you could possibly see a cost reduction in the future.”