City of Hornell Welcomes New Business

City of Hornell Welcomes New Business

October 18, 2016


Hornell, NY – Hornell and HPG officially welcomed a new business into the city Tuesday afternoon. Bullfrog Realty, which is located on 24 Maple Street (old Red Cross building), officially opened it doors for business. The threefold company will encompass property management, real estate, and any construction needs all at the same location.

Owner Elise McCollumn currently has two staff members, Bob Coddington managing broker, and Margaret Lynch associate broker. Aside from all your real estate and property management needs, McCollumn’s construction aspect can take care of a variety of home improvements such as flooring, siding, windows, electrical, plumbing, and decks.

Hornell Partners for Growth is happy to announce that this is the 37th business they have welcomed to the city since 2013.