City Rezones Three Wards

Mayor John Buckley Displays the New Boundaries for Wards 1,2, and 7

August 27th, 2018

HORNELL, NY – Two Public Hearings were held last night before the monthly Common Council meeting.

The first had to do with the Community Development Block Grants the city applied for and received this year. Mayor John Buckley explained the process a homeowner would go through to apply for one, who would qualify, how much each homeowner would be eligible for, and where and when to apply.

According to the Mayor, if you were on the list the previous year and did not receive the grant, your name automatically rolls over to the following year and you need not reapply. “The grants are based on a first come serve basis,” Buckley said, “But we do take into consideration need, and those in the most need will move to the front of the line.”

You can find out all the details on the grant from City Hall and also fill out an application there if you wish.

The second issue had to do with rezoning three wards within the city. The 1st ward will now be expanded to include the 63 new units constructed on the Airport Road by the Basset group north of the city. There could be as many as 200 new units constructed there before its all said and done and now they will officially have voting rights for the 1st ward in the city.

The 2nd and 7th wards will not receive any new voters, just redistribution of commercial properties and minor boundary changes. Lowes Dept Store now will fall into the 2nd ward and the new tenants at the Riedman Apartments on Fairlawn Ave. will be voting in the 8th ward.

It was also announced Monday night that the city will be ending its agreement with the DEC and not be selling hunting and fishing license at City Hall anymore. “We basically do not have the manpower to issue them now” said the Mayor, “It’s just as easy to get them online, by telephone, or even a visit to Wal Mart so this should not have any major impact on potential purchasers.”

And finally, two replacements have been appointed to the Planning Board and one to the Board of Public Works.

On the Planning Board, Bill Norton will fill the unexpired term of Leo Lejeune effective August 20th, 2018 through Jan 1st, 2023, and Melissa Tingley will be filling in for Ian Bixby effective until Jan 1st, 2019.

On the Board of Public Works, Jared Zigenfus will fill the unexpired Commissioner’s term vacated by Stan Hill expiring on Jan 31st, 2020.