Gov. Cuomo Slams Pres. Trump On Meeting With Putin

July 17, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC – Governor Andrew Cuomo is criticizing the way that President Donald Trump is handling the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the governor has been saying that it’s dangerous not to defend democracy, and that the president is siding with the Russians, who the governor says, undermined the 2016 election.

Statement From Governor Cuomo:

I think they’re going to have a real issue as to whether or not the President’s actions were treasonous and whether or not they’re going to pursue the President’s actions as possible treason, which has been suggested by Republican officials. And that’s going to be the question for this Congress. Are they going to pursue the President for possibly committing treason or not? And they’ll be accountable to the people in November on that decision.

Again, at one point, you have to put your responsibility to the citizenry above political loyalty. When those Congressional members in New York voted for the SALT provision, they put their political loyalty ahead of the interest of their citizenry. They put their state at a disadvantage compared to every other state, and that, they’re going to have to explain in November. After yesterday, they’re also going to have to explain why they didn’t pursue this President—if they don’t—for treason, after many Republicans suggested it was treasonous. And once again, they will put party loyalty ahead of loyalty to the citizenry.