Kevin Valentine Is Running For Hornell Common Council

April 1, 2019

Statement From Kevin Valentine:

I officially announce my candidacy for the City of Hornell 7th Ward Alderman. I have been a Correction Officer with the Steuben County Sheriffs Office for 14 years and have decided I would like to help support my city. With a growing enthusiasm and interest in preserving Hornell’s traditional community principles, I will be committed to cleaning up the drug troubled corners of the neighborhood by encouraging strict enforcement of local laws, while working with the common council on new deterrents.

I also want to amplify the local infrastructure conversation. It is well known that our city roads and some bridges are in need of serious attention. I realize that much of the funding for this comes from higher levels of government, but I think it’s important to facilitate in-depth communication, cooperation, and out-of-the-box brainstorming to implement new solutions to foster the repair everyone desires.

And although I will always strive to be heard, the community also needs a good listener. This is one of the most important traits an elected official should possess, as no one person has all the answers or a corner on all wisdom.

I am enthusiastically motivated and hope that you will help me to keep Hornell moving forward in the right direction.

As a Republican candidate, I will be seeking cross endorsements from the Conservative and Independence parties.