Letter From Shawn Hogan – Re. Pres. Trump

August 7, 2018

Dear Editor:

Once again I find myself shaking my head and actually shedding some tears of sadness not joy at the actions, words and deeds of our current President. I cannot fathom the hypocrisy of this man, his blatant lies and his unabashed efforts to tear our country and our world apart. There is no question he has no intention of being a leader children will look up too. History will be unkind to him. His most recent hypocrisy is his attack on LaBron James, a very accomplished Pro-Basketball player who has done more good for the communities he grew up and lived in. Just last week, LaBron James opened up a school for under achieving, under privileged children in partnership with the Akron Ohio School District. This school will embrace learning and community activism and grow community leaders, and teach, that the greatest gift is in giving, not receiving.

Unlike President Trump whose Foundation is under investigation, and never gave anything to anyone, his record of cheating contractors and his fake school Trump University. His attempts to strip health care from millions of Americans aided and abetted by Congressman Tom Reed and all Congressional Republicans. When will the hypocrisy end, when will the lies stop. Just last week Trump at a rally in Pennsylvania stated that US Steel is going to open 6 (six) steel mills, a lie, debunked by US Steel not the Fake Media as Trump calls the hard working men and women of the press, a press that keeps us free.

It is almost difficult to stop writing, this President gives us so much to be fearful of and to write about. I am reading a book by Jon Meacham entitled “The Soul of America-The Battle for our Better Angels”, I would recommend every American read this book, it reviews how America has always over come evil in our system, from slavery, Jim Crowe, the Know Nothing Movement (anti-immigration mostly Irish Catholic); McCarthyism. It show cases leaders such as Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Truman, Lyndon Johnson, JFK, RFK, Dorothy Day and so many others that elevated the national conversation to a higher level and appealed to the better angels among us and moved our Nation forward. My appeal to Americans who doubt the damage this President is doing, remember the Gospels message , to be good , do good and love one another, spread the gospel, use words if necessary (St. Francis of Assisi).

Peace and Hope,

Shawn D. Hogan
Former Mayor of Hornell