Mayoral Candidate Buckley Announces Plans To Fight Drugs

May 11, 2017

HORNELL, NY – Hornell Republican candidate for mayor, John Buckley, sent out in a statement this morning, his plans to fight drugs in the Hornell area, if elected mayor:

Goals of Drug Initiative

– Evaluate how personnel in Police Department are currently utilized. Commit enough personnel/resources to combat those trafficking, selling, and manufacturing drugs in our community.
– Continue to seek and improve partnerships with other law enforcement agencies including Sheriff’s Department, State Police, and District Attorney’s Office to combine resources and intelligence to combat drug dealers, trafficking, and manufacturing.
– Aggressively pursue State and Federal funding to help fund drug crackdown and interdiction initiatives.
– Compassion towards those who have fallen victim to drug abuse. Continued outreach from Police Department and Loyola Recovery and other agencies to steer users toward the help they need to get clean.
– Education component: look for effective ways to partner with school district utilizing School Resource Officer and personnel from other agencies to help educate students to the danger of drugs. Preventative measures must be taken to educate children before they reach high school.

Deputy Mayor and 9th Ward Alderman John Buckley serves as Chairman of the City’s Quality of Life Committee and is a member of the Advisory Board for Loyola Recovery. Buckley has dedicated two town halls to this important issue.