North Hornell Secures Big Grant for Pump Station Upgrades

June 5th, 2018

NORTH HORNELL, NY- North Hornell DPW Superintendent Rich Scavo’s recent letter to Assemblyman Joe Errigo paid off in a big way for the village. Scavo stated that with the construction of the new St James Mercy Hospital, a new Simmons Rockwell Nissan Dealership, the addition of 80 plus trailers at Woodlands Park, the addition of a major medical complex at the old Kmart building, and the construction of 64 new Town Houses near the Hornell Airport, the village was in dire need of upgrades to its water pump station.

“Our pump station is nearing its 20 year mark,” Scavo explained to Errigo in a detailed letter, “We are working hard every day to keep it in top shape, but do to its age and the demand placed on it, we are starting to experience break downs. Due to the excessive burden placed on the station, I am asking you for financing to help upgrade the pump station to handle the excessive loads that will be placed on it in the near future.” Scavo estimated that the new loads placed on the station will be in the hundreds of thousands of gallons a day.

Apparently Scavo’s letter did not fall on deaf ears as 133rd District Assemblyman Joe Errigo was at the North Hornell Village Fire Hall Wednesday with a check for $67,729, which will cover the entire cost of renovations. “I personally called the Governor,” said Errigo, “and was able to secure the monies for these upgrades, and I am just happy I could help the village out any way I could.”

Photo – Mike Palmesano, Assemblyman Joe Errigo, Village Mayor John Falci, DPW Head Rich Scavo, Hornell Mayor John Buckley