North Hornell Seeking Village Clerk Replacement

Sept 10, 2018

North Hornell, NY – The North Hornell Village Board is actively seeking a replacement for the right individual to fill Deputy Clerk position and transition to Clerk position by June 2019.

Current Village Clerk Kristene Libordi plans on retiring at the end of May, and only continue on as a part time treasurer after her retirement.

According to Mayor John Falci, interviews are already under way and 4 candidates are under consideration. The position will eventually lead to being a full time clerk.

Also, the updating of water and sewer lines is currently on schedule for Seneca Road and Chamber Streets. The project also entails replacing the curbs on Seneca Street.

According to one village trustee, the village is still upset about the lack of cooperation on sharing maintenance responsibilities between the town of Hornellsville, and the city of Hornell pertaining to the added burden on the village pump station.

Apparently, a motherboard at the pump station is now in need of being replaced at a cost of over $4,000, and a trustee feels it should be a joint financial effort of all the surrounding communities on a repair, and future repairs. North Hornell residents only contribute 7 1/2 % of the sewage running through their pump station.

Another big issue that concerns the village board is commercial vehicles using their roadway. They want to make it perfectly clear that any commercial vehicle that is not conducting business in the village is not welcome on their roadways and should take an alternative route.

The North Hornell Church property is currently in the process of being transferred over the village. According to Mayor Falci, it’s easier said than done as it entails a lengthy court process. The church and the village has already agreed on the sale so its just a matter of time before it is final.

And finally the North Hornell Fire Dept will be holding a golf tournament Sept 22nd with numerous events and raffles, and encourage everyone to show support.