Palmesano: Budget Is A Step Backward

April 1, 2019

Statement From Assemblyman Phil Palmesano:

“The budget passed today represents misplaced priorities and bad policy. From raising taxes, to funding campaigns with taxpayer dollars, shifting costs/mandates to local governments, cutting funding for local roads and bridges, failing to provide promised funding for salary increases for direct-care workers who care for the developmentally disabled and closing correctional facilities, this budget represents a serious step backward,” said Palmesano.

“This budget is, quite, frankly, the worst budget I have ever seen in my years of serving in the state Legislature. There are new, taxpayer-funded handouts for undocumented citizens and criminals. There is no property tax relief; in fact, the new freeze on STAR exemption benefits will actually increase school property taxes. There are new, costly mandates imposed on family businesses and local municipalities. At a time when assaults on correction officers are skyrocketing in our overcrowded prisons, the governor and Senate and Assembly Democrat majorities doubled down on compromising public safety and agreed to close three more correctional facilities. And to add insult to injury, at a time when we’re pouring billions into the mismanaged MTA, we’re cutting funding for local roads and bridges upstate, while creating a $100 million per year taxpayer-funded campaign system. It’s disgraceful and unacceptable,” added Palmesano.

“It appears the governor and legislative leaders have forgotten who they work for and it’s time they start to prioritize policies that benefit and help improve the quality of life of taxpayers, seniors, families and law-abiding citizens,” concluded Palmesano.