School Budget/School Board Voting Results

May 15, 2018


Hornell School voting results: 

Prop 1 – the budget passed, 230 yes votes, 108 no votes, (there were two affidavits).  Officials say the budget passed, 67.647% 

Prop 2 – the bus lease prop, passed, 248 yes votes, 78 no votes, it was a 75.802%  in favor of the bus prop. 

Also in Hornell, Sarah Broderick was elected to the Josh Delaney seat on the school board, Delaney did not seek re-election.


Arkport Central –

All seven propositions passed, the main budget passed in Arkport, 168 yes votes, 40 no votes.

Arkport voters approved:

  • A $10,895,722 budget for the 2018-19 school year that increases spending 2.2 percent ($234,370), and carries a 1.75 percent tax levy increase ($61,307): 168 yes, 40
  • The purchase of a 66-passenger school bus and a six-passenger Dodge Grand Caravan at a total cost not to exceed $140,000: 167 yes, 33
  • The election of new Board of Education member Tim Bailey, who received 55 votes and will serve a five-year term starting July 1. A total of 18 write-in candidates received votes.
  • The creation of three reserve accounts:
    • A capital reserve fund, to allow the district to set aside money for future construction projects and major purchases: 178 yes, 30 no
    • A transportation reserve fund to finance the purchase of school buses, vehicles and equipment: 174 yes, 34 no
    • A technology reserve fund to finance the acquisition and installation of technology equipment: 176 yes, 33 no
    • An equipment reserve fund to finance the purchase of equipment and supplies: 178 yes, 32 no

“Thank you to all Arkport residents who made it to the polls today,” Superintendent of Schools Jesse Harper said. “I feel fortunate to serve a community that consistently prioritizes a quality academic program for its children.”

Canisteo-Greenwood Results:

Budget                                                                 294 Yes                80 No

Library Fund                                                       246 Yes                127 No

$14,829,839 Capital Project                         270 Yes                103 No

$10,000,000 Capital Reserve                       268 Yes                104 No

Marcy Bradley and Fred Thompson were re-elected to their three year terms. 

Marcy Bradley                   272

Fred Thompson                171

Thomas Franclemont      134

Joe Harrington                   118

Alfred Almond Central: 

Yes 242 No 73

Bus purchase (2) Two 66-Passenger Buses
Yes 248 No 67

Expend from Capital Reserve Fund
Yes 279 No 35

Yes 219 No 94

Board Members
Nadine Shardlow 262


The budget passed, 61 yes votes, 22 no votes

The library proposition passed, 51 yes votes, 29 no votes

School board race winner: Nichole McIntosh, 71 votes



The budget passed, 225 yes votes, 35 no votes (87% approval)

Prop 2: Establishment of a Capital Reserve Fund: 235 yes votes, 31 no votes

Elected to the school board at JT – Jason Hayes and Amy Aldrich, Hayes – 126 votes, Aldrich 100 votes


Andover Central: 

Prop 1 the budget: 181 yes votes, 57 no votes 

Prop 2 the bus purchase: 200 yes votes, 39 no votes

Prop 3 the vehicle purchase – 188 yes votes, 52 no votes

Prop 4 transferring capital reserve funds to capital reserve: 194 yes votes, 44 no votes

Also in Andover, Dawn Niedermaier wins a school board seat, 140 votes for Niedermaier.