Steuben County Considering Consolidating Courts

August 14th, 2017

CANISTEO, NY – According to Canisteo Town Supervisor Steve Weed under the shared services program the county is considering consolidating courts to save money. “The population of Steuben County is 99,000 people,” Weed explained, “and we have 47 courts, which are way too many courts according to Steuben County officials.”

Weed went on to say that a proposal to have a district court system may soon go in front of the legislators. “An example would be combining Jasper, Greenwood Canisteo courts with individual judges still being elected for each district, but assigned different nights behind the bench. This would save money by not having to have law enforcement officials having to hunt down specific judges at all hours of the night. Also arraignments would be much easier transporting violators directly from the Steuben County Jail to a designated courtroom.”

In other news the town of Canisteo officially voted to abandon Hallet Road (aka Wood Road). The road has not been opened or worked on for the past 6 years and also has not been used by the public or as a public highway in over 6 years. The road begins on Travis Hill in the town of Canisteo heading northeasterly then in an easterly direction toward the town line of Canisteo for a total of 2622 feet. According to board members it would cost the town tens of thousands of dollars to bring the road back up to code so abandonment was a logical option.