Town of Canisteo Looking to Save Money on Heavy Equipment

May 8, 2017

CANISTEO, NY – Canisteo Town Board member Wally Wade had a suggestion at Monday on how to start saving money on their heavy equipment maintenance bills.
Wade admitted that the fleet is old, repair and maintenance costs are high. The town is in dire need of two new trucks and one way to pay for it would be to sell a newly purchased roller back to the dealer, lease a new roller as needed and continue to use the old roller, and put the money (roughly $100,000) into buying a new 10 wheeler.

According to Wade, when you rent/lease equipment as opposed to buying it, you save money on routine maintenance, and get nearly your entire investment back when it terminates (usually one year periods). Also Wade wants to look into selling or trading in their two year old backhoe before depreciation and maintenance cost become great.

The board was in full agreement to have Wade do some research and get concrete numbers on moving to a trade in/lease program as opposed to purchasing equipment outright and keeping it for the duration.

In other news the board agreed to keep pushing ahead with MEGA’s CCA program. The next steps will be public hearings, residential mailings, and getting information out to the residents about how it works. The town is still not committed and can opt out at any time. Also resident can opt out up to a certain point but once into the billing cycle a penalty kicks in if they chose to leave.