Update On Hartsville Wind Law Story

May 25, 2018

EDITORS NOTE: Hartsville Town Supervisor John Bowles contacted WLEA News, Friday morning, regarding our online post about the Wednesday night Hartsville Town meeting. Our reporter was told at the meeting, that those who requested copies of the wind law, would have to pay for it. So, our reporter was at a disadvantage while writing his original story about the Wednesday night meeting, as he did not have a copy of the proposed new wind law. Supervisor Bowles made some corrections, which can be seen below:

Original story: Tower height will be capped at 600 feet with the possibility of amending that depending on how the new towers will be built in the future. Response From Supervisor Bowles: it was suggested by one board member that tower height will be capped at 600 feet with the possibility of amending that, and Supervisor Bowles says that the final decision of the town board, is that there will be no restrictions on the height of the wind turbines.

    Original story: Also allowable noise will be in the 45-50 decibel range.

      Response From Supervisor Bowles: it’s been decided that the noise level issues will be turned over to the NYS Article X board, and worked on through the SEQR process.

    Original story: Other issues discussed at the meeting were impeding wind flow, right to remove vegetation (trees) on adjacent properties, and landowner’s right to keep leftover concrete pads if the mills are tore down. Response From Supervisor Bowles says it’s the landowner’s right to remove vegatation on the landowner’s property, not to cut down the anything on neighboring properties.