15 Meth Dealing Suspects Charged

May 30, 2018

STEUBEN COUNTY, NY – State Police Senior Investigator Curt Eaton announced this morning that 15 suspects were charged for buying medicines, in order to use those medicines for meth amphetamines. According to Eaton, 14 of the 15 suspects are accused of “smurfing” or going around buying medicines such as Sudafed, to get meth chemicals out of them.

The following suspects ewre charged with Falsifying Business Records, 1st Degree:

Michelle L. Croft, 35, 765 Carriage Drive, Lindley
Danielle R. Gillespie, 40, 4445 Route 417, Jasper
John L. Landsborough, 51, 109 Howell Street, Bath
William S. Landsborough, 33, 38 Ash Street, Bath
Joyce A. Lafave, 50, 135 Water Street, Bath
Jeremy I. Comfort, 31, 10641 Pinewood Ave, Corning
Melissa J. Sherman, 37, 150 County Route 15, Lindley
Megan M. Preston, 25, 69 Willow Drive, Painted Post
Kerstyn M. Buck, 20, 238 Scenic View Drive, Tioga, PA
Patrick M. Rafferty, 26, 144 Front Street, Addison
William J. Trenchard, 37, 6948 Rumsey Street Ext., Bath
Chastity A. Stark, 42, 54 West Steuben Street, Bath
Jessica A. Austin, 34, Holland American Hotel, Bath
Kristina L. Jolley, 48, 155 Victory Highway, Painted Post

Also, Cody R. Shoemaker, 29, 2619 Goff Road, Corning (charged with Criminal Possession of meth manufacturing materials, 2nd degree)