2.8 Percent Tax Increase For Canisteo Town Residents

November 11, 2014

Canisteo, N.Y. – In last night’s Canisteo town board meeting a budget was passed after a brief public hearing on the matter.  The town’s assessment value rose from $130.8 million to $131.3 million.

Town supervisor John Peisher said that there will be less than 3% change in the budget from 2014.

The board stated that they are currently looking at a 2.8% tax increase and are fairly confident they can stay under the 2% tax cap after all the state aid numbers are in.
Also the board unanimously passed a resolution supporting St. James hospitals bid to keep limited in-patient services and the maternity ward. They all agreed that in an area of roughly 80,000 residents these services are a must.

Their letter will be sent off the NYS Dept. of Health and Governor Mario Cuomo.