A Special CPR Class At Alfred State College

January 20, 2023

Over 40 Alfred State College (ASC) faculty and staff members attended CPR/AED classes offered on campus to honor the heroic work of Buffalo Bills athletic trainer Denny Kellington. The class was sponsored and funded by the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs and University Police.
Just a couple weeks ago, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest after making a tackle during the Bills game vs. the Cincinnati Bengals. Kellington along with other medical professionals worked quickly to save Hamlin’s life by performing CPR and using an AED.
University Police Officer Jeremy Boorman was one of the instructors of the class. “CPR is the first step to saving someone’s life. The quicker we can get to someone to save them the better chance of survival they have. As an UP officer, we are certified every other year and we train yearly in these skills. There is a good need for training like this right now. It makes me feel good that I can teach people and help people prepare themselves for the future.”
Admission Counselor Doug Tay jumped at the chance to be part of the class. “After watching what happened with Damar it hits closer to home when you see it on TV, and it is someone you follow and know. Just to have this skill set is important. If anything does ever happen, you are prepared and able to help as best as you can.”
“I want to be able to help people in my family or people that I am around if something were to happen,” commented Director of Human Resources Maria Bordeaux. “It is a really great thing that Alfred State cares about our people. If something happens to them at work or even in their own homes, we want to give them the opportunity to save someone else.”
Tay was appreciative to be able to take advantage of this training. “I think it is awesome that Alfred State saw what happened with the Bills and has that connection with Buffalo and wanted to use that as inspiration to get more people involved and learn this skill set.”
Classes were offered on both the Alfred campus and the Wellsville campus during Professional Development Week. Administrators plan to host more training sessions throughout the semester for faculty, staff, and students.