Alderman Joe McKay Endorses John Buckley

August 30, 2017


    Hornell Alderman Joe McKay issued the following statement today, endorsing the Buckley for mayor candidacy:

As the Alderman for the 3rd ward in the City of Hornell, I proudly endorse John Buckley for Mayor. John has always been steadfast in his presence and efforts for the City of Hornell. John works tirelessly as a member of the Common Council. In addition, he has been appointed twice as the Deputy Mayor by our current Mayor, the Honorable Shawn D. Hogan.

John has the work ethic, integrity, and quite honestly the patience to be one of the best mayors Hornell has ever had. Whether to see him at a local function or while he is working at Wegmans, John always takes the time to say hello and genuinely has interest in what you have to say. This is a direct result of John’s virtuous approach to public service.

As the current 9th ward alderman over the past decade John has gained the trust and respect of his constituents, and other elected officials both within the city and statewide. John’s efforts have resulted in a network of State Senators, Assemblyman, and US congressmen. Having these relationships will guarantee that future needs of Hornell are heard.

I attended John’s Summer porch tour on Church Street earlier this month. I would urge anyone to reach out to John if you have any question as to where John stands on current issues and where he sees the City of Hornell is headed. I will tell you, it is impressive to hear the enthusiasm and the level of detail in which John maps out initiatives. There will be more opportunities to meet Mayoral Candidate Buckley between now and November. Whether it’s his porch tour stops, going door to door, or at his campaign headquarters on Seneca St, John is very accessible and always willing to talk to residents.

If you have interest in knowing more about where Hornell stands and where we are headed together as a community, you owe it to yourself to meet John personally. Then join me on November 7th, as I cast my vote, John Buckley for Mayor.