All Steuben County Schools Are Given Approval For High Risk Sports On Feb 1st!

January 27, 2021

From The Steuben County Public Health Office:
Authorization For High-Risk Sports to Begin February 1

To All Steuben County School Superintendents:

In consultation with our districts and in accordance with NYS DOH Guidelines, Steuben County Public Health authorizes high-risk sports to begin on February 1’°. As responsible parties, school districts must strictly adhere to the INTERIM GUIDANCE FOR SPORTS AND PECREATION DURING THE COVID-19 PUBLIC
HEALTH EMERGENCY guidelines as amended by NYS DOE on January 22, 2021.

In addition, and with the unanimous agreement of school district administration in Steuben County, the following guidelines also apply:

• Athletes must wear an acceptable face covering (as detailed in NYS DOH guidance), unless a medical exemption is obtained from medical provider and approved by the school’s physician; and
• Spectators will not be permitted to attend indoor sporting events.

Please note, this is the minimal guidance schools must adhere to, but school districts may implement more restrictive measures should they choose.


Darlene Smith, MS, CPH
Steuben County
Public Health Director