Arkport to Remind Residents that the Track is Closed to Public During School Hours

September 14, 2016

Arkport, NY – Arkport Superintendent Jesse Harper reiterated to the board the fact that the track next to the school is off limits to the public during school hours. “We encourage people to use the track,” said Harper, “but we are a closed campus and no outsiders are permitted there during the school day.” Possible steps in the future are a sign and if that does not work a full fence enclosure could be in the future.

In other news Harper told the board that they have had a good turnout of applicants for the vacant high school principle job. “We currently have 17 candidates mostly from the Buffalo area and the process of interviewing will begin around the end of the month.”

Lastly it was decided that the septic tank in front of the main doors will need replaced. The current system was put in place in the 1930’s and the state now mandates that they be replaced every 30 years. The cost of the project will be around $100,000, and will be added to the total capitol project of $1.5 million that will be voted on in December. Harper was pleased that it will not raise the current tax levy of zero percent on proposition one. Proposition two on the ballet will be the cafeteria and that will require a 1.05% tax increase.