Arkport to Revisit Athletic Philosophy

September 14, 2016

Arkport, NY – The Arkport school board unanimously agreed that with the changing times and the elimination of junior varsity sports, it is time to revisit the philosophy regarding their athletic programs. Some of the big questions to be answered, especially in the modified division, will be are we here to win or to teach? Should every player have equal playing time, even if he misses practice? Board president Steven Hoyt chimed in, “Varsity sports is our mainstream, it is here to showcase your school and bring in awards, we have three state titles in one sport, and one in another, so we have done really well for a small school and as it stands now, we force coaches to play every kid when they are at the teaching stages, and it does make a difference.” The next step will be to form a committee made up of coaches, parents, and certain board members to gather input and make a decision. The new philosophy will not be put in place until the next school year at the earliest.