Assemblyman Joe Giglio: County Gov’ts Should Not Be Taxing For Medicaid

December 28, 2015
Assemblyman Joe Giglio is being critical of the way that Medicaid is paid. According to Giglio, Medicaid is paid for like this:
50 percent by federal taxes,
25 percent by state taxes,
and 25 percent by county taxes.
Giglio maintains that the costs should be split 50/50 between the federal and state taxes. Appearing recently on WLEA, Giglio stated that the county government should not be involved in taxing people for medicaid, for two reasons:
One, because the county lawmakers don’t have any control over medicaid.
Two, because county governments end up looking bad, because of county tax increases, when the counties are not really involved in the decision making process. “I think if the counties didn’t have this burden, there would be more economic development in these counties, because their property taxes would go down, and then, maybe more people would want to do business in New York.”
Click to listen to Giglio talk about this.
(go 11:00 minutes into the interview for the discussion about Medicaid)