Assemblyman Nojay Introduces Motorcycle Bill

May 5, 2016
ALBANY, NY – Assemblyman Bill Nojay (R) introduced Assembly Bill 9913 this week to address some of the major concerns surrounding the safety and protections of motorcyclists in New York State. The legislation would create new levels of offenses, including a permanent driving suspension and up to 12 months in prison for a moving violation that results in the serious bodily injury or death of someone operating a motorcycle. Nojay says he has seen first hand, the tragic consequences of negligent drivers who caused accidents with motorcycles, while Nojay was an EMT and ambulance driver for five years. “This is a major step toward ensuring the safety of our state’s drivers and motorcyclists,” said Nojay. “For too long the people of New York have witnessed thousands of innocent people on the road being seriously injured or dying due to irresponsible drivers. This legislation works to establish new penalties to curb these accidents in the future.”
In addition to the new penalties that this law would create, the families of those who have lost their lives on the road will be ensured justice on behalf of their loved ones. “Currently there is little to no penalty for committing a moving violation that results in the death or serious bodily injury of a driver or motorcyclist unless it’s considered Vehicular Manslaughter. Connecticut and Pennsylvania have addressed this issue with new reforms that establish minimum penalties and it’s time that New York passes similar legislation. I have little doubt that this bill will create safer roads for our riders and ensure justice for families of any victims in the future,” Nojay said.