Byrnes Makes Campaign Complaint Against Errigo, Errigo Says Byrnes Is Being Investigated

August 29, 2018

Assembly candidate Marjorie Byrnes filed a complaint with the against her opponent, Assemblyman Joe Errigo. According to Byrnes, that’s because Errigo sent out a mailer, that she describes as intentionally untrue. The mailer accused her of bribing the Livingston County Conservative Party, to get the conservative endorsement. Byrnes maintains that’s a violation of the fair campaign code.

From the Marjorie Byrnes campaign FB page:
“Assembly Candidate Marjorie Byrnes (R-C, Caledonia) filed a formal complaint against Assemblyman Joe Errigo and his campaign for a violation of the Fair Campaign Code. Ms. Byrnes said: “A recent mail piece from Mr. Errigo’s campaign referencing myself and a member of my campaign team was ugly and intentionally untrue. It needs to be called out. Nevertheless, it’s hard to hold Joe Errigo personally responsible when you know that he isn’t the one calling the shots. Joe’s handlers are keeping him away from public debates, members of the media and ultimately the voters of the 133rd Assembly District. They’re doing everything they can to distract from the fact that Joe Errigo endorsed Andrew Cuomo and personally contributed $1,000 to the Cuomo campaign. Our district needs more than a ‘No Show’ Joe.”

From Arnie Rothschild, attorney for Assemblyman Joe Errigo:
“Joe Errigo filed a complaint about the Maguire payment to the Livingston County DA office. They referred the matter to the Public Integrity Unit of the state attorney general’s office. I can confirm that the office has begun a review of the matter because I was interviewed by two investigators and an attorney on Monday morning. Sadly, this is a very difficult situation and the mail piece was not deceptive it was vetted.”