City – County Agree on a Central Arraignment Plan

January 22nd, 2019

Hornell, NY – It was announced last night that the city of Hornell and Steuben County have reached an agreement on a plan to arraign offenders in two locations instead of just in Hornell. According to District Attorney Brooks Baker, when Hornell is planning on a court session prisoners can still be arraigned after an arrest there, but if they are not holding court within the mandated 12 hours after arrest, they will now be transported to Bath to be arraigned.

Bath will start holding court within the jail twice daily, 8:30am and 5:00pm, and be responsible for arraignments when the cities of Corning and Hornell do no not hold court. All of the other magistrates within the county must now transport prisoners to Bath after an arrest to be arraigned and have bail set.

“We plan on footing the bill for most of this,” said Steuben County District attorney Brooks Baker, “The Sheriff’s Dept. plans on hiring 5 new Deputies who will be responsible for transportation instead of putting that burden on Hornell. We will also be adding 4 new attorneys in the Bath area to help with the new workload.”

Baker says that there are still some small details to button up, but having the city of Hornell agree with the plan is a major step. Hornell Mayor John Buckley also agreed with the modified plan as opposed to the original one which required the city to be responsible for transporting all prisoners to Bath at a possible extra cost of $100,000 to the city. “Its been mandated,” said Buckley, “So I’m thankful that we have reached a compromise with the county that helps with the added financial burden. We simply could not afford buying new vehicles and providing the manpower for transportation in the original agreement.”

In other news, a SEQR and NEPA was passed for an ongoing sewer revitalization work within the city and three appointments were made to the Hornell Public Library Board of Directors. Ciel Kelly, Joe Liberto, and Mary McDaniels have been reappointed to 3 year terms.

Another resolution passed was a parking ban from the centerline of River St all the way to Terry St. heading south on the west side. This will now be permanently No Parking on one side of the street.