City’s Water Usage Still Creeping Up – Officials Stumped

February 21st, 2019

HORNELL, NY – Water Filtration Plant Head Lenny Fucci told the Board of Public Works Thursday morning that water usage continues to rise in the city and they are currently stumped as to where it is leaking from.
Fucci said, “Our usage has continued to increase since November, when I was only averaging 2.2 million gallons a day after leaks were repaired, to February where our usage has drastically increased to almost 3 million gallons a day. That’s 17,000 more gallons a day!”

Fucci said some possible explanations could come from North Hornell, where they are reporting issues which Hornell has no control over, and also problems within the city where plans are already in place to extensively look into this.

“We plan on doing some serious upgrades to our plant and we need the system to be extremely tight while this takes place,” explained Fucci, “It’s getting incrementally worse and we need to address this ASAP. 800,000 gallons a day is being dumped into the ground somewhere and its very irritating to me and will be expensive to the city in the long run.”