Congressman Reed and Sen. Young Condemn The Scio Sign

June 22, 2017

Congressman Tom Reed issued the following statement, about the sign that was put up in Scio, that said that Corporal Jason Dunham was not a hero:

“Corporal Dunham gave his life to save his fellow Marines and is a hero. My thoughts go out to his family who should not have to endure this type vile act. This hateful and despicable action is not representative of the American spirit or Jason’s sacrifice for our country.”

State Senator Cathy Young:
“Corporal Jason Dunham is a true American hero who courageously sacrificed his life to save his fellow Marines out of love for them and his country. No hurtful false words will ever change that fact. My heart goes out to the Dunham family because they have endured so much, but they know that overwhelmingly our community, state and nation stand with them in unwavering support and deep admiration.”