Congressman Reed Reacts To Boehner Stepping Down

September 25, 2015
WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Tom Reed released the following statement regarding the resignation of John Boehner, Speaker of the House:
“I appreciate John Boehner’s leadership over the last 5 years. He worked diligently to advance the conservative principles necessary to lead America forward. I respect his decision to step down as Speaker of the House and believe that it is only fair to allow him to depart gracefully. I am hopeful that as a party, we can rally around the next Speaker, so we can continue to fight back against the destructive agenda that is hurting job creation, causing stagnated wages and forcing the top-down regulations onto our small businesses and families. I care about the future of our nation and believe we have the opportunity for a fresh start. We must come together as a country to creatively solve our challenges and not let politics triumph over good governance and putting the people’s business first.”