Cuomo And Teachout Slam Each Other Through The NY Times

September 9, 2014

NEW YORK CITY, NY – The New York Times is reporting that there has been a back and forth, in the media, between Governor Andrew Cuomo and his Democrat opponent in the governor’s race, Zephyr Teachout.  The Times quoted Cuomo as making a crack about Teachout’s lack of government experience.  “You can be a great college professor,” Cuomo is quoted as saying.  “You can be very good at what you do. You need experience in government if you want to run the State of New York.”

The New York Times also reports that Teachout “fired back by citing the meddling of Mr. Cuomo’s office into ethics investigations by the Moreland Commission, an anticorruption panel that he created, but then abruptly shut down in March — a matter that is now being investigated by federal prosecutors.  ‘My first qualification for being the next governor of the State of New York is that I’m not under federal investigation,’ Ms. Teachout said in a telephone interview.

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