Della Pia Stops By Hornell – And Gets Dem’s Nomination At The Same Time

May 20, 2022

HORNELL, NY – As of 10am this morning, Tioga County Democrat Max Della Pia was a congressional “hopeful”. As of 11am, Della Pia, who was in Hornell at the time, got the party’s nomination for the congressional seat that Republican Tom Reed resigned from recently.

“It’s an honor to be endorsed by all of the County Chairs and to be entrusted with the opportunity to meet this unique challenge. When I was growing up, my Dad always told me ‘Service is what gives life purpose.’ Both my parents were WWII Vets who taught me the American values of integrity, service above self, and caring for others. I feel obligated to do what I can to restore public confidence in our legislative branch. My wife and I moved our children 10 times during my 30+ years in the military but we sank our roots here in the Southern Tier. During my service I traveled to places where people can only dream of having the freedoms we sometimes take for granted. Free elections and peaceful transitions of power are non-negotiable, ” said Della Pia.

Della Pia was at the Main Place in Hornell, with local Democrat supporters.

Della Pia answered questions from the press at The Main Place on Friday about his motivations and plans in the upcoming race.
“I know regardless of how this turns out I need to continue making a difference in my community. What happened on Jan. 6 and the recent Buffalo Shooting Massacre breaks my heart,” he said. “I spent thirty plus years of my life in the military and during that time we moved 10 times. I am glad I sunk my roots here. I feel that oath I took over 50 years ago to Service Above Self does not have an expiration date.”

According to Della Pia, the law says that Gov. Kathy Hochul must decide on a special election 10 days after a candidate vacates the seat. “Let’s talk about the special election. If I came in as an incumbent, it would make a huge difference in the November elections. It means a great deal. Someone needs to be a voice in our district. We need to talk about the big issues. They want to cut social security. They want to overthrow Rowe Vs. Wade. This means millions of women won’t have the right to choose what happens to their body. My biggest fear is that we will be sent back a century in this country. My daughter is a trans woman. They can’t tell her what to do with her body or who to love. These elections have consequences.”
When asked about the gas and food hikes rapidly changing, Della Pia said right now its about profits over people. The big oil companies are price gouging. They are hiking up the prices to see how much they can get away with.

One supporter there, identified herself as a Diane Mitchell from Bath. Mitchell said she believes in Della Pia and calls him a great friend. Her sons are both in the military, and he has been a great help over the years. She said he is always involved in the community and dedicated to the people. When her sons had a hard time adjusting to military life he was there for them.