End Of 2022 Albany Legislative Session

June 3 2022

From Govenor Kathy Hochul: “The Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade this month – but New York will be ready.

“Like the vast majority of Americans, I was horrified to learn that extremists on the court are likely to strip away the right to an abortion by overturning Roe. This decision, once announced, will have devastating consequences for the health, wellbeing and economic security of millions of women across this country.

“But New York is not backing down. A few weeks ago, I announced a nation-leading $35 million investment to support abortion providers across New York. Now, thanks to the determined leadership of Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins, Speaker Heastie, and our partners in the legislature, we have developed a comprehensive package of new legislation that focuses on protecting both abortion providers and their patients. I look forward to signing these bills into law. Make no mistake: for as long as I am governor, New York will be a safe harbor for all those who need abortion care.”

The governor had this to say, about passing laws to ban body armor and ban semi-automatic rifles from anyone under age 21:

“Just last night a deadly semiautomatic weapon was once again used to mercilessly kill innocent civilians, this time at a medical facility in Oklahoma. It was a scene all too familiar in this country, one we’ve seen everywhere from Uvalde, to Sandy Hook, to Parkland, to my hometown of Buffalo. We cannot keep living like this.

“We cannot be satisfied by New York’s already tough gun laws. Shooting after shooting makes it clear that they must be even stronger to keep New Yorkers safe. This comprehensive package will close loopholes, give law enforcement the tools they need to prevent easy access to guns, and stop the sale of dangerous weapons to 18-year-olds. I am grateful to Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins, Speaker Heastie, and our partners in the legislature, and I look forward to signing these bills into law.

“Even as we take action to protect New Yorkers, we recognize that this is a nationwide problem. I once again urge Congress to seize this moment and pass meaningful gun violence prevention measures. We have no time to waste.”

A Statement from Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes (R,C-Caledonia)

“Many of my colleagues know that people are struggling, but the fact that lawmakers are leaving Albany without taking substantive action to address the rising costs of inflation is proof that New Yorkers need leadership to join us in taking action. New York is one of just a few states that impose taxes on the daily essentials people need, like household essentials or personal care items – the very items that people are having a hard time finding in stores or can hardly afford due to the skyrocketing costs of inflation. Leaders in Albany – and Washington – have failed to do anything to make these items more accessible or affordable, yet they continue to spend the people’s hard-earned tax dollars as if it grows on trees.”

From Assemblyman Joe Giglio: “In times of hardship, people look to their leaders to help them reduce their burdens, which is why I am so disappointed by how little was done during this legislative session to meaningfully address the increasing cost of living and rising crime that have made living in our state more difficult than it’s been in decades,” said Giglio. “Our Conference put forward concrete solutions to address these problems by fixing bail reform, eliminating sales taxes on everyday necessities and improving economic opportunities for small business owners but, sadly, they were not considered in earnest.”