Gov Cuomo: 25 Percent Of State Residents Are Vaccinated

April 12, 2021

More Than 12 Million Vaccine Doses Have Been Administered
174,822 Doses Administered in the Last 24 Hours
More Than 1.5 Million Doses Administered Over Past Seven Days—New Record High
Vaccine Dashboard Will Update Daily to Provide Updates on the State’s Vaccine Program; Go to ny.gov/vaccinetracker

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that one in four New Yorkers are now fully vaccinated for COVID-19. More than 12 million doses of the vaccine have been administered in New York State. 174,822 doses have been administered across the state’s vast distribution network in the last 24 hours, and more than 1.5 million doses have been administered over the past seven days, a new record high.

“New York State has done 12 million shots in arms and one in four New Yorkers has been fully vaccinated, which is great news. 38 percent of New Yorkers have gotten at least one dose. Supply is the limiting factor right now, but our distribution network is up and robust,” Governor Cuomo said. “The Javits Center is one of the highest performing and best vaccination sites in the country, and we also have pop-up, community-based sites to vaccinate populations that are harder to reach and to make sure we’re doing everything we can to have equitable distribution of the vaccine. We’ve been talking about getting college students vaccinated, which is more of a challenge than you might think. College students have been told early on that this doesn’t affect young people as seriously, but ironically we’re seeing positivity go up among young people 18 to 24. Even if they believe that they can’t get hurt by COVID, they can transmit COVID, and they can transmit COVID to someone who can get hurt. What we’re trying to do is get the students vaccinated in the schools before the schools are out.”

New York’s vast distribution network and large population of eligible individuals still far exceed the supply coming from the federal government. Due to limited supply, New Yorkers are encouraged to remain patient and are advised not to show up at vaccination sites without an appointment.

The ‘Am I Eligible’ screening tool has been updated for individuals with comorbidities and underlying conditions with new appointments released on a rolling basis over the next weeks. New Yorkers can use the following to show they are eligible:
• Doctor’s letter, or
• Medical information evidencing comorbidity, or
• Signed certification

Vaccination program numbers below are for doses distributed and delivered to New York for the state’s vaccination program, and do not include those reserved for the federal government’s Long Term Care Facility program. A breakdown of the data based on numbers reported to New York State as of 11 AM today is as follows.

Total doses administered – 12,033,813
Total doses administered over past 24 hours – 174,822
Total doses administered over past 7 days – 1,553,658
Percent of New Yorkers with at least one vaccine dose – 37.90%
Percent of New Yorkers with completed vaccine series – 24.90%