Governor Andrew Cuomo Endorses Eric Adams For NYC Mayor

August 2, 2021

Sometimes the right decision is not necessarily the political decision, doesn’t mean it’s not the right decision. Same situation with the New York shootings which are just continuing and continuing and getting worse. We saw it over the weekend. It is a fact, gun violence crime is out of control in New York City. That’s a fact. That is not to be debated. It’s not a political statement. That is a fact. Ask anyone in New York City, they will tell you. New Yorkers are smart, they get it. We have to act and we are in a state of political paralysis when it comes to the police issue. It is political paralysis and it’s getting worse. Again, denial is not a life strategy. Good news, I believe the man who will be the next mayor and should be the next mayor, Eric Adams, I think he gets this. I think he’s frank and he’s blunt about it and I applaud him for it. New Yorkers get it. I’m a Queens boy, I get it.