Governor Cuomo Is Having A Clean Energy Contest

February 1, 2016
ALBANY, NY – Governor Andrew Cuomo is having what he is calling a 76 West contest in the southern tier. (76 West stands for the longitudinal line on the map where the southern tier is.) The 76 West contest is a Clean Energy competition in the 11 counties in the southern tier of New York State, and there will be four years worth of annual grand prizes of one million dollars to whoever comes up with innovate job creating clean energy applications.
Here’s what you have to do: get out of state business, to move to the southern tier, for at least two years. Or get a company already in New York State to move to the southern tier. The company must create jobs and wealth.
Applications for the 76 West contest have to be in by March 15th, and there will be six winners announced in the summer.
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