Governor Cuomo Orders State Investigation Into The Hacking Of Twitter

July 16, 2020

From Governor Andrew Cuomo:

“The Twitter hack and widespread takeover of verified Twitter accounts is deeply troubling and raises concerns about the cybersecurity of our communications systems, which are critical as we approach the upcoming presidential election. With more than 300 million users, Twitter is a primary source of news for many, making it a target for bad actors. This type of hack by con artists for financial gain can also be a tool of foreign actors and others to spread disinformation and – as we’ve witnessed – disrupt our elections.

“I am directing a full investigation into this massive hack through the New York Department of Financial Services and any other relevant state agency to bring the facts to light. Foreign interference remains a grave threat to our democracy and New York will continue to lead the fight to protect our democracy and the integrity of our elections in any way we can.”