Governor Cuomo Wants To Put Roe V. Wade, Into the NYS Constitution

January 30, 2017

ALBANY, NY – Governor Andrew Cuomo is proposing to codify the 1973 Roe v. Wade into the New York State constitution. The governor says that the reason he is doing this, is to keep abortion legal in NYS, in case the Roe v. Wade decision is overturned, or altered by a new U.S. Supreme Court.

“As Washington seeks to limit women’s rights, we seek to protect them, and as they threaten reproductive rights, I propose a constitutional amendment to write Roe v. Wade into the New York State Constitution to prevent any attack on the right to choose,” Governor Cuomo said. “We will not allow the progress of the women’s movement to be stopped, and we must seize this opportunity to bring the state and the nation forward and stand up for women’s health. Make no mistake, we will always protect the right to choose in New York.”

The Governor made the announcement at the “I Stand with Planned Parenthood” rally and Family Planning Advocates’ Day of Action, in front of a crowd of 1600 activists and Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood.