Hartsville Passes 2019 Budget

November 4th, 2018

HARTSVILLE, NY – After a lengthy Public Hearing, the Hartsville Town Board agreed upon a budget for 2019. With the town struggling to staying under the tax cap, residents will be looking at a 1.9% tax increase over last year.

According to Town Supervisor John Bowles, with a total budget of $560,819, over 50% ($302,869) will be coming from local taxes next year and $157,950 will be coming from incoming revenues. A less unexpended balance of $100,000 is also included.

A major issue at the Public Hearing by some residents was the cost of fire and ambulance coverage which comes through the village of Canisteo. “”We pay 30% of the cost of the fire district ($49,000),” said Bowles, “Yet we only have 7% of the total calls. We only have 400 plus units in Hartsville that are covered under their plan. It’s really not fair for our taxpayers.”

A few in attendance suggested direct dialog with Canisteo Mayor Monica Recktenwald about a more reasonable fee for fire and ambulance coverage, with some on the board saying it has already taken place, and the result was a vague response in the form of a 1 ½ page letter.

A full copy of the 2019 budget can be attained at the clerk’s office on the designated open hours.