Hartsville Town Meeting Was All About Wind

April 14, 2016
There was a Hartsville Town meeting held on Wednesday night in the town barn. The main topic was wind energy. A representative from Next Era spoke of the benefits of wind.
During the public comment period, one resident complained about being hounded by a wind company calling them repeatedly at work. Another resident, who was pro-wind, says that if the argument against wind is not wanting to see wind turbines, that there’s going to be wind turbines all over the hills of surrounding towns anyways. There was also a complaint about the way taxes went up over the last decade (the implication being that a wind project would solve this problem). The public comment part of the meeting began with an outburst from a man, who shouted and swore about not wanting to listen to the Next Era presenatation. The man was quickly asked to leave, and he removed himself.
Over half of those present were wearing green tee shirts (supporters of green energy).
There are two wind companies who want to locate wind turbines in the Town of Hartsville: Next Era and Everpower.