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Hogan’s State of City, Harkenrider Off To North Hornell

Hogan Gives State of the State, Harkenrider To Leave Hornell for North Hornell
March 18, 2014

HORNELL N.Y. – Mayor Hogan gave his 2014 State of the city address to the common council on Monday. Hogan noted the city added $1,266,125.00 in tax increases to the city taxable assessment with the sale of the two homes built in partnership with BOCES and the city. Hogan also reminded the council that Standard and Poor has changed the city bond rating from BAA, to A, which reflects Standard and poor’s opinion that Hornell has good financial management. Hogan assessed the state of the city as being in good shape going into 2014, citing the strong outlook for local businesses such as Alstom, TTA, Gray Manufacturing, and Elgin Butler( formerly Trikeanen Tile).

Hogan was enthusiastic about the continuing growth of Hornell, with a few local start up businesses on Main Street such as Stomping Grounds, and Lion’s Will, and noted that the city is evolving in it’s health care as St. James transitions it mission to a primary outpatient facility, and Dr. McKeller’s growing medical group which is located on Loder street which will continue to meet the city’s health care needs. Hogan closed his address by saying ” we have survived a tremendous economic collapse, and we see the storm clouds clearing and our economy improving, we have much to be thankful for on this grand St. Patricks day. We will survive, and we will be successful, we need to work together pull together and always keep the faith in each other and our community”.

In other news the common council passed a resolution restricting parking on Genesee street and Pearl street, within 150 feet of the intersection, to aid in traffic that occurs because of the buses taking children to and from school.. The restriction will be from 7 a.m. til 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

​Alderman Randy Harkenrider (R, 3rd Ward) will be announcing his resignation from the common council as he is moving to North Hornell making him ineligible to serve on the council. The Council will appoint someone to take his place in the interiim until next November when his seat will come up for election during the general elections.

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