Hornell Adopts New Parking Ticket Policy

August 10, 2017

HORNELL, NY – Hornell Mayor Shawn Hogan told the Board of Public Safety Thursday morning that the city has finally closed a loophole that allowed parking violators to not pay their tickets with no consequences.

Due to the fact that previously writing tickets was not digitized, it was hard to report and keep track of them resulting in many not paying. Police Chief Ted Murray said that in the past as many as 57% were not paid.

But as of August 9th all that has changed as the process has now gone digital. The city has contracted with Com Plus to manage parking tickets and people who do not pay their fines will be processed and further penalties issued.

Chief Murray told the board that there are still ways to appeal tickets; one by calling Com Plus directly or two by going to Murray’s office. Ticket payments must now be made directly to Com Plus as they will no longer be accepted at the Police Dept. or City Hall. The number to call now, if you want to pay for a parking ticket, is 1 866 752 1730.