Hornell Board of Public Works Update

January 18th, 2018

HORNELL, NY – The Hornell BPW’s met for the first time under new Mayor John Buckley Thursday morning and the first order of business was welcoming new board member Joe Liberto, and also welcoming back long time member Stanley Hill.

Next on the agenda was accepting a bid for the installation of a mechanical fine screen and effluent filter skimmer (Bar Screen) at the Water Pollution Control Plant.

The two bids received were from Blue Heron Construction for $482,611 and Villager Construction for $639,400. The board accepted the lower of the two bids after recommendations from the engineers on the project, Labella Associates. The city received a grant for $600,000 so as it stands now there will be no out of pocket costs to the city.

Also Water Filter Plant head Len Fucci said the results should be in very soon from the second set of tests taken on the water supply after the recent 4 boil water advisories (2 in North Hornell and 2 in Hornell). He said he anticipates no further problems but its protocol to wait 24 hours before making any conclusions.

And finally, Mitch Cornish reported that all 81 miles of city streets have been cleared thanks to a diligent crew and lots of overtime. The Mayor again thanked Cornish and his crew for the hard work.