Hornell Board of Public Works Update

November 16th, 2017

HORNELL, NY – Mayor Shawn Hogan, attending one of the last Board of Public Works meetings of his career, gave reports Thursday morning from the various departments under his control.

At the Water Treatment plant, the $6.8 million in renovations planned will be going out to bid in middle 2018. They are still in the phase of determining the scope of the work and how they plan on addressing them. Some unforeseen projects that have popped up that needs to be addressed will be repairing parts of the dam at the reservoir with Gunite facing, and also re-submerging a 20 inch water main that has become exposed over the years. Also at the Water Treatment Plant there are plans to dredge one of the three lagoons containing backwash sediment at a cost of $27,000.

At the Water Pollution Control plant, they are getting ready to install the new bar screen but do to the massive size of it, they are probably going to have to cut a hole in the roof and lower it into place. According to department head Rich Dunning, this will probably be the least expensive route to take, with other options being to disassemble it entirely or cut a path through the side of the building.

Also in the works is determining the capital needs for the upcoming year and also closing out projects that have been completed. Two of those that come to mind are the Shawmut Park Bike Trail, and the Snow Removal Storage building at the airport.

Hogan said the city is also preparing for the replacement of two bridges next year, Seneca Street ($1.6 million) and Chauncey Run on East Main Street ($1.9 million). Those bridges do require a local financial commitment of 5%. In 2019 the Canisteo Street bridge is scheduled to be replaced.

And finally, the board gave approval for the Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot sponsored by the YMCA. Hogan said that this event, held on Thanksgiving morning, is one of the largest in the area with last year’s attendance over 700 people.