Hornell City Hall’s Audit Results

September 30, 2021

HORNELL, NY – Monday night, Matt Montalbo from Drescher and Malecki, presented the Hornell Common Council with the City’s annual audit report. Despite the adverse impact of the pandemic on sales tax and the economy, the City added nearly 1.1 million dollars to fund balance.

Mayor John Buckley said the City tightened the belt through the uncertainty of the pandemic during the last year and came in well under budget. Sales tax did decline, but thankfully, not nearly as much as predicted. Buckley also noted Moody’s Investor Service gave the City an A plus rating.

The Hornell Library’s fund balance also grew significantly adding $175,734 to their fund balance increasing their rainy day account to $222,599 for the last fiscal year.

The Mayor said the City and Library fought through very difficult times but both came out stronger for it.