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Hornell Doctors And Community Leaders Talk About St. James Hospital


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November 2, 2014

HORNELL, NY – Numerous local doctors came and spoke at a meeting, on Sunday night at Hornell City Hall. Area community leaders were there to talk about St. James Hospital’s future. Dr. Byron Collins, a longtime Hornell surgeon, praised St. James and asked for community support. “The hospital is a safe place to go,” Collins told WLEA. “I would do surgery on my family here and have them come here, I’d have them come here for medical things, and I’d ask the community to continue to support us in this very crucial time.”

Also at the meeting, Mayor Shawn Hogan passed out petitions for area residents to sign, that will be sent to both Governor Andrew Cuomo, and the State Health Commissioner Dr. Mort Zucker, The petition asks the governor and health commissioner to keep the current services at the Hornell hospital.

The St. James town hall meeting that had originally been scheduled for November 20th, has been rescheduled to December 4th. It will be held at the Main Place,on Main Street in Hornell.




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