Hornell DPW News

October 18th, 2018

HORNELL, NY – At Thursday morning’s monthly Department of Public Works meeting, Mayor John Buckley and Police Chief Ted Murray told all in attendance that a new crosswalk for Intermediate school children will soon be coming to Allen Street.  Murray explained, “We have been parking a patrol car there and studying it for a few weeks now, and most of the kids are just randomly crossing and not using the provided crosswalk down below. We are getting close to 100 students crossing there a day and their safety has become a concern.” Murray said that initially they will man the crosswalk with a matron from the Police Dept.

Water Filtration plant head Lenny Fucci said that they had to do an emergency drain in one of their water tanks recently to rid it of unwanted bacteria. According to Fucci, due to warmer than normal temperatures and an abundance of rainfall, an algae bloom developed. “In all my years running the plant, I have never seen that happen before. Between the heat and precipitation this summer it was the perfect storm.”

DPW Superintendent Mitch Cornish said that paving for the summer has officially been completed. He added that he was pleased with the amount of paving covered this summer, and his crew is now preparing for fall and winter duties. Cornish also noted was that hydrant flushing will begin this Monday and run through the week, and leave pickup will begin shortly and to make sure residents bag their leaves and not just rake them into the road.

Water Treatment plant chief Rich Dunning said he has had his hands full tearing out the old bar screen and replacing it with the new one.

Justin Recktenwald was in attendance and was given thumbs up about his outdoor seating arrangements at his business “The Brute” on Main Street. Buckley said that he is 100% behind the idea and would like to see more of it in the city. Recktenwald said he usually has a few tables on the sidewalk but will occasionally block of 2 parking spaces and put tables and seating there.

And finally it was announced that annual Legion Halloween parade route has changed do to a conflict with the High School. For details on the new route you can call the American Legion or City Hall.