Hornell Gets Another A Rating in Annual Audit

November 20th, 2017

HORNELL, NY – Matt Montalbo from Dresher & Malecki attended the monthly Common Council meeting Monday night and again brought good news for the Maple City. Montalbo announced that in an audit ending March 31st, 2017, Hornell again comes out with an A rating. For the past 5 years, Hornell’s revenue has exceeded its expenditures creating a positive fund balance and a stable city budget functioning in the black.

Also two traffic ordinance amendments were passed pertaining to Maple Street and Catherine Street. On Maple Street, parking on the south side of the street from Collier west past the first driveway (90 feet) will now be restricted. According to the Mayor, when cars were allowed to park all the way to the corner drivers were confronted with a limited view of pedestrians.

On Catherine Street, no parking will be allowed on the east side from the now existing “no Parking between signs” area all the way south to Emmett Street. Hogan again explained that the street has recently had curb renovations and Police Chief Ted Murray was concern about accessibility for emergency vehicles.

In other news a recently built Boces house was authorized to be sold to Barb and Nigel Perrott. The house was originally intended to be built on Fairlawn Ave. but do to the recent housing construction there it was built at 18 Hartshorn Street. Hogan said the city now has eight Boces built dwellings in the city.

And finally, John Murawski was reappointed to the City Planning Board.